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An  unusually  effective  Therapist...


Before Joel Safran became a Massage Therapist, he had been employed in the printing industry as a general manager.  He holds a university degree as a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration... with a major in management.  He has been trained and experienced in the evaluation and definition of problem situations which enables him to develop more effective treatment strategies.  The greatest part of "solving problem situations" most often comes from a complete and clear definition and understanding of the problem.  In the business world, he was able to improve organizations so that they could function more optimally.  As a Therapist, he has a very good record of find effective solutions to people's healthcare concerns... so they can function better and enjoy live more fully.


25 years ago, he somehow developed back problems.  Treatments from several Medical Doctors and Chiropractors provided very little relief or progress.  Then he began working with a highly recommended Massage therapist who moved the healing process forward considerably.  He finally began working with another very special Massage Therapist who was able to totally resolve his back problems.


That Therapist felt that Joel would make an excellent Therapist... and persistently encouraged him to begin the study of Massage Therapy.  He began the study of this work with the goal of specializing in the use of 'Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques'... and in the treatment of Chronic conditions.  The course of his career has taken him into the study and application of a number of Osteopathic techniques.  In many ways, he practices as an doctor of Osteopathy... which he would have wanted to become.  So, what he provides to patients is a combination of BodyWork and Osteopathic techniques that proves to be more effective in the treatment of Chronic Conditions.

The difference stands out with his

Education...  Experience...  assessment & treatment skills...


In addition to his considerable investment in Continuing Education (over 2000 hours)... he has worked as a teaching assistant with some of these education providers... and has also taught other therapists.  During treatment sessions with patients, he is in a sense also teaching them to better understand and care for their own health.  This increase in patient awareness and involvement further assists in the healing process.


Joel Safran began his career in "soft tissue therapy" in Florida as a Licensed Massage Therapist.  When he moved to Canada, he earned Provincial Registration from the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.  The standards of Ontario are based on a 2200 hour educational program in addition to extensive and rigorous written and practical examinations.  After 15 years in Ontario, he is now living in Charlotte... and is Licensed by North Carolina.


In addition to his dedication to people and problem solving... it really is the caliber of the continuing education subjects he has chosen to focus upon that has caused patients to consider him "different and unique" as a healer and therapist.  He also does extensive research on difficult and complex cases so as to provide patients with the best opportunity for achieving the results they have been searching for.  He goes the "extra mile" for people.


His Toronto patients were very upset to learn of Joel's plans to settle in Charlotte, North Carolina.  He and his abilities were generally considered to be quite special, effective and unique.  The patients who have worked with Joel Safran will without hesitation tell anyone that they have not found anyone (doctor, chiropractor or therapist) who has come close to what Joel has been able to do for them.  It is sincerely hoped that people in Charlotte will gradually discover him... and experience the same level of "soft tissue therapy" that patients in Toronto, Ontario have grown to very much appreciate and respect.


Licensed by the State of North Carolina

Registered by the Province of Ontario

Licensed by the State of Florida

Nationally Certified by the NCBTMB


...25 plus years of Therapeutic Education & Training...


Regulated Curriculums ...     2800 total hours


State of Florida            600

Province of Ontario    2200



Note that only 500 hours of educational training is required for licensure in the Carolinas.



Continuing Education...    1809 total hours


Soma/Rolf Structural Integration     426

CranioSacral Therapy                    336

NeuroMuscular Therapy                 226

Visceral Manipulation                     130

Nutritional Counseling                     148

Muscle Energy Techniques               85

Manual Lymphatic Drainage              35

Bowen Fascial Kinetics                     34

Russian Clinical Massage                  24

Various subjects                             415



Teaching Experience...        328 total hours


Soma/Rolf Structural Integration    240

NeuroMuscular Therapy                  88

Joel Safran has been trained to Analyze Problems...

and to find Solutions...


The most important steps in solving a problem are being able to see it... describe it... and define it as completely as possible.  Joel Safran has been able to effectively do that with problematic business organizations... and for the past 25 years... he has been able to effectively do that in helping people handle & resolve Chronic Conditions.  Whether its a bankrupt business or a bankrupt body... its the ability of the professional to analyze and resolve problems that really matters.


Isn't that the kind of person you would feel more comfortable working with... of course it is.

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