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Child Birth

Pediatric & Childhood Conditions


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Children Respond More Quickly To Therapy


Children generally respond more quickly and completely to therapy than adults.  This is because their bones and tissues are still young and relatively unaffected by the traumas in their body.  Untreated, distortions will gradually change their bones to conform to the forces of those distortions.  This is termed "remodeling".  During remodeling, related soft tissues will also become unbalanced, distorted and abnormal.


During the years that children eventually become adults, many layers of "compensatory patterns" will be formed resulting from a number of reasons.  They will build one on top of another.  There are the "primary distortion patterns" that we all are born with.  There may be trauma from child birth.  And 'bumps & falls' that is part of life will add further trauma. Therefore, chronic conditions become much more chronic, complex and firmly established in our adult body.  So, why let this happen to your child when it can be effectively handled at their early ages.

Swinging Tree

It makes much more sense

to remove structural distortions

from your child's body...

before conditions become

rigidly fixed, chronic and complex

The "Compensatory Process" Weakens The Body


The function of the body is to find ways to compensate... and keep things going... buying time, so to speak.  But, new layers of 'compensatory patterns' keep developing year after year.  In young children and teenagers, this will shows as early proneness to pain, injuries and certain "diseases".  As a child matures, the ability of their body to 'compensate' diminishes.  Weakness develops.  Their bodies become more injury prone in sports and recreation activities.


And when they get into their 40s, 50s and 60s... well you know what happens.  Conditions become more established, chronic and complex.  We develop what is called "diseases" perhaps because the body has wasted precious energy in its attempt to compensate for the ongoing Band-Aid approach to life.  Quite often, this could have been prevented had you invested in proper therapy for your children.

The Compensatory Process robs the body

of it's future Abilities & Health... it's Potential

The Beginnings Of Adult Conditions

Are In Childhood And Birth


Girl SoccerWe are talking about the body becoming more injury prone regarding sports, falls and other accidents...  We are talking about developing conditions like TMJ disorders and Scoliosis...  We are talking about developing Abdominal, Pelvic & Digestive conditions...  And we are talking about developing a variety of Aches, Pains, Stiffness in a person's Neck, Shoulders, Arms, Back, Hips, Knees and elsewhere... We are talking about physical conditions as well as conditions affecting the physiological functioning of Organs and Body Systems.


Once an adult's bones & tissues have been greatly "remodeled" from distortions, the resultant chronic conditions generally require well planned and long term treatment programs.  However, in the treatment of young children, results generally come much more quickly.


Parents who support their children with early therapy intervention, provide them with a very special gift... The gift of being able to develop more normally and whole...  The opportunity to become more productive, able and comfortable in their future life.  You can do this for your child.

Childhood Trauma Comes From Many Sources


During Pregnancy...

A pregnancy could be uneventful... or traumatic due to complications resulting from illness, falls, motor vehicle & other accidents... as well as conditions related to your pregnancy.


During Delivery...

Delivery could be non problematic... or it could become difficult.  There could be a problem involving the Umbilical Cord.  The delivery might require force that could injure or deform young fragile newborn bones & tissues... such as from the use of forceps or vacuum suction.


The Last Trimester...

The cramped quarters for a long period of time will have have differing effects on how your baby is born.  We are all born with a slight distortion that is termed "The Primary Distortion Pattern".  Should distortions, noticed or not noticed, go beyond that 'slight & average' distortion, your baby body will house the "Root Causes" of conditions that will develop later in life... such as Scoliosis and TMJ disorders.  Developing distortions most probably will also contribute to a wide range of other physical & physiological conditions & issues which will affect your baby's future life & health.


An Active Childhood Life...Toddler -1

From newborn... to toddler... to an active childhood... the bumps & bangs of life will take their toll on a young body.  A body that already has an above average level of imbalances, will be weaker and therefore more susceptible to injury and their lasting effects.  Even a relatively "more perfect" body will be experience lasting damage & distortion from the really severe physical accident injuries.


Childhood Diseases


There are many named "Diseases".  However, rather than looking at them as "Diseases"... let's look at them as the result of "Soft Tissue restrictions and imbalances" that create undesirable conditions in a body.  In most cases, these issues can be effectively handled so as to improve the balance and function needed for developing healthy & fit bodies & minds for our next generation.


Treatment strategies, goals and protocols for children are similar to those discussed on the other webpages of this site.  The main difference is in the degree of extra care necessary for a child's bones & tissues which have not yet fully developed.  And because children generally respond to treatments better than adults do, this sensitive, "wholistic" and gentle approach is quite appropriate.


For ease of discussion, let's put these "diseases" into two main groups... Compression, Restriction & Fixations Issues"... and "Neurological Issues".

Compression, Restriction & Fixation Issues...

 Cranium - Spine

CranioSacral System can contribute to a variety of so called "Disease" conditions.  That may show as a structural deformity in your baby's head or body.  During childhood development, that may further show as mobility problems in the Joints of the body... such as in the Lumbar & Sacral area.  These restriction issues can then contribute to a number of other Physical & Physiological conditions as your child grows and develops... such as:


Structural Issues...

such as: Scoliosis  -  Joint Restrictions & Fixations  -  The precursors of Neck & Shoulder, Back & Hip, Jaw & TMJ issues that develop later in Adulthood.


Blockage & Restriction Issues...

such as:  Headaches  -  Ear Aches  -  Ear & Throat Inflammation  -

Asthma & Allergies  -  Sinus Congestion  -  Abdominal Pain  -  Constipation  -

Eye Mobility Problems  -  Esophageal Reflux  -  Colic


Mental Ability & Behavioral Issues...

such as:  ADHD  -  Dyslexia  -  Reading & Learning Problems

Neurological Issues...


Because of heredity... or the effect of viral or bacterial damage... or physical trauma during birth and other influences... important Cranial Nerves or other parts of a child's Central Nervous System may have been damaged or impaired in some way.  Some believe that the Central Nervous System cannot regenerate or repair.  Others believe that the body will find a way to "heal" and repair itself... especially if it is assisted with appropriate therapies and attitudes.  It is our job, both as patient and as practitioner, to facilitate the body in doing just that.


Some of these issues can be described as:

Autism  -  Epilepsy  -  Cerebral Palsy  -  Down's Syndrome  -

Young New Family

It's A Wonderful Gift...

Protect It For Your Child...


In many different ways, the health & wellbeing of a child can be compromised and challenged.  Quite often, appropriate therapeutic techniques can alter, reverse and remove the root cause of these conditions.  Quite often, children can regain, in some way, their ability to heal and properly function... and to enjoy a more productive, full filling and whole life.  It is a wonderful experience being able to facilitate this for anyone... but, it is especially wonderful to be able to do this for a child.

Your child has the gift of life...

You can give them the gift of

a more healthy and productive life.

About Your Therapist... Joel Safran

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Joel Safran has been a therapist for over 25 years.  He has specialized in the effective treatment of chronic conditions.  He has been licensed in Florida, Registered in the Province of Ontario... and is now licensed in North Carolina.  With a level of professional education & training 5 times greater than the level required by North Carolina, people who work with him consider him quite unique as a HealthCare Professional of any kind.

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