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Skull facing left

Head & Jaw Relationships

Head, Jaw & Neck Pain / Conditions

are usually complex and varied...


Proper & Complete Therapy

needs to follow anatomical relationships

so it can provide more effective results...

Working With The "Big Picture"...


Above is a picture of a boney human skull.  Notice the many bones that fit together in various ways.  In a healthy person, all these bones are supposed to be mobile in specific and required ways.  Then imagine all the soft tissue that will be found on the outside.. and on the inside.. of the mouth, face and skull.  They all need to move in balanced, functional and especially complimentary ways.  Then imagine the tissues of the Central Nervous System coursing from within the Cranium... the Brain and all the specialized finer parts of this system... right down to the BrainStem where the Cranial Nerves arise.


From there, the Spinal Cord, which is the continuation of the Brain, courses thru the narrowing Dural tube at the bottom of the Cranium into the center of the Cervical Vertebral stack.  Around the Cervical Vertebrae will be an intricate display of muscles, fascia, circulatory vessels... as well as the Cranial & Cervical Nerves so very vital for the many functions of our Head, Neck and Body below.  This is a very complex and vital area.  It needs to be treated by someone very familiar and experienced with it.  Someone like Joel Safran.

Some conditions involving this area include:


Circulatory Disorders  --  Diminished Sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch  --  Depression  --

Anxiety  --  Equilibrium & Balance Disorders  --  Jaw Pain  --  Tooth Pain (other than decay & breakage)  --

Hypertension  --  Irritability  --  Nervousness  --  Learning Disabilities  --  Headaches & Migraines  --

Memory Loss  --  Sleep Apnea  --  Snoring  --  TMJ Disorders  --  Muscular Cramping & Spasm  --

Digestive Disorders  --  Irritable Bowel Syndrome  --  Heart Conditions  --  Respiratory Conditions  --

Neck Pain/Stiffness  --  Nerves Pinched/Entrapped  --  Structural Distortions  --  Scoliosis  --

Throat & Voice Conditions  --  Swallowing Difficulties  --  "Frog in the Throat"  --

Speech Strength & Clarity Issues  --

Chronic Conditions In One Area

Influence Chronic Conditions Elsewhere...


Nervous impulses travel through various pathways.  These impulses also communicate with other parts and systems of the body via what is referred to as neurological "cross-over" pathways.  Therefore, a chronic conditions in one part of your body can influence, and even create, a chronic condition in another part of your body.


It is common for unresolved Neck conditions to eventually show up as Frozen Shoulder, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Abdominal pain, Digestive conditions, TMJ disorders, Ringing in the Ear, Headache, Anxiety... and so much more.  The Head, Jaw & Neck area is quite complex.  The causes & effect relationships can be quite involved and seemingly illusive.

CorticoBulbar Tract

Blood Flow To & From The Brain...


To maintain normal activity, the Brain requires about 750 ml of oxygenated blood every minute.  This is greater by far than the needs of any other body part or organ.  The Brain therefore is #1 on the body's 'pecking order list'.  It's needs and requirements for maintenance and survival will come before that of any other part or system in our body.  The Heart is next on the 'pecking order' list, but well below the Brain.  That is probably the reason for the greater chance for "disease" developing in the other organs & systems of our body.


Therefore, restrictions in our Head and Neck have a greater capacity to generate negative physiology... which will show up as Headaches, Migraines, Mental Ability issues, decreased Emotional WellBeing, illnesses... and so much more.  And all that will eventually have a negative effect on other parts of our body.

Treating symptoms will only produce temporary benefits.

We need to identify & treat the cause of the condition.

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