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About our Rates

They are Just Numbers...


Rates & Fees are basically just numbers which tell little or nothing about the therapist or what you can reasonably expect from his massage therapy experience.  You can find other therapists charging fees that are both less and more than those at SafranTherapies.  However, most probably you will not find anyone who will provide you with more value for your time and money.  Over the last 25 years, that is what patients have consistently said.  And that value increases year after year because of Joel Safran's commitment to learning and developing new techniques.


Expect more than a "Clinical Hour"...


A "Clinical Hour" provided by doctors, therapists and counselors, generally consists of 45 minutes of therapy.  The other 15 minutes is used for administrative activities.  At SafranTherapies, you can expect at least a "Clinical 75 minutes.  Expect to be here at least 90 minutes from the time you arrive to the time you leave... and most often even longer.


This extended time period assists in enabling the therapy to be more complete and effective... and in providing the most overall value.  If a bit more time is needed to complete the therapy session, there is no extra charge.  The focus of this practice is in providing a complete and balanced treatment session.

Treatments generally respond more effectively

when treatments are not rushed or forced.

Full Clinical 1-1/4 hour (at least 90 minutes)          $ 110.00

Half session (at least 45 minutes)                                65.00

(shorter sessions are generally used for children)

About our Location

by appointment only


Safran Rehab & Wellness Therapies

6701 Woodshed Circle

Charlotte, NC 28270


Call :  (704) 246-7888


The Therapy Clinic is located near Rea Road and Providence Road...

or Alexander Road and Pineville-Matthews Road (Hwy 51)...

depending on your route.


Excellent Parking Availability... ALWAYS!


              Large Area View 


                                    6701 Woodshed Circle 

About  the  Therapy  Session... and  Environment...

The Therapy Clinic is located in a park like area of Charlotte... So the feeling of quiet and peacefulness begins even before you enter the clinic.  This feeling continues as you enter the waiting room area and the Therapy Room.  People immediately sense that this is a very professional practice that will have a better chance at addressing their chronic concerns.  And when they leave after their first session, they are usually convinced of that.


You will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire so we can begin to understand you health concerns.  We may need you to move in certain directions so that we can assess the quality of your motion and posture.  And as we learn more about the mechanics and physiology of your concerns, we will be more able to develop a treatment strategy that will most effective for you.


Since it is important that we work together, your feedback information will be very important... and always encouraged.  You  can also expect feedback from me as to what I learn about the quality of your tissues... and the progress we are making.


Therapy Room

over 25 years of highly effective therapy

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best value for your time & money