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Myofascial Techniques...

...including  Structural  Integration

Fascia is the most pervasive tissue in our body.

It engulfs and wraps every part of us...

from muscles & organs... to every individual tissue cell.

Fascia... Like An Ocean Within Us...


Fascia has been compared to the oceans of our world.  This 3 dimensional tissue mass has no beginning... and no ending.  Like the oceans, fascia is one pervasive substance that engulfs every major and minor part of us.  Yet if the Oceans were as pervasive as the fascia in our body, it would engulf every part of land... and every living & non-living thing and person that is on & in that land.  For that reason, it is important that your Therapist understands this tissue, and how to work with it.  Fascia is most probably involved in any Chronic condition or "disease".


The word "MyoFascial" comes from the Greek "myo" for "muscle"... and "fascia" for a "band of fibrous tissue"... or "connective tissue".  Various types of connective tissues in our body are required to perform various essential structural functions.  Basically, that's what connective tissue does.  It supports other tissues, organs, joints, etc. in our body... and enables them to properly move and function.

Shortened Tissues Limit Body Functions...


In MyoFascial Therapy, we are mostly working with the elastin connective tissue which is the more pervasive type.  In its healthy state, it provides support for internal structures, organs... and major body parts.  It enables those parts to optimally move and function... whether we are talking about internal vessels, organs... or the basic postural parts of your whole body.


When this connective tissue becomes "dehydrated", it is like a dried out "kitchen sponge".  It shrinks, hardens and becomes less mobile.  It restricts our body movements.  It strangles Nerves & Blood Vessels... And it negatively affects everything else it surrounds such as internal Organs and muscle cells.  Body parts and then become functionally impaired.  The posture of a body becomes distorted, which further affects function, health and life... and sometimes how you feel about yourself.


Drinking more water does not necessarily change the state of these connective tissues.  Like a hard kitchen counter, water cannot penetrate hardened tissues.  However, with proper MyoFascial Therapy, tissues will gradually become more able to accept this water... and the connective tissues will become more healthy and functional.  As this begins to happen, Structural Integration strategies will become more achievable.

BellBouy   Sunset Sail   Dry River Bed


Between "Tempest Tossed"... or a... "dried out River Bed"

"Smooth Sailing" seems to be a more desirable choice.

MyoFascial Benefits Come With Most Therapies...


Properly done... all therapies & techniques have beneficial MyoFascial aspects.  Some techniques are lighter, and some are more deep and aggressive.  Treatment goals focus on creating more space within tissues... enabling increased in motion & function... which also includes improved physiological functioning of your body.

Joel Safran has had over 25 years of training and proven experience using various MyoFascial Techniques.  Connective tissue therapies are a very important aspect of his treatment approach.  For example, this is how he works with the following techniques.

...NeuroMuscular Therapy...

Is a primary therapy for Pain Management.

It addresses not only Muscles, Nerves and Circulatory Vessels,

but also the layers of Fascia surrounding these structures.


...CranioSacral Therapy...

Addresses the structural restrictions found in Membranes

of the system, and especially restrictions found in the

Sutures & Articulations of Cranial & Sacral Bones.


...Structural Integration Techniques...

Address your body's postural distortions and their related tissues.

Dense & Elastin MyoFascial layers are treated in a more forceful way.


...Unwinding & MyoFascial Release Techniques...

Address Fascial Restrictions in a more gentle, slow and passive way.

Release is induced and then followed until its completion.


...Visceral (Organ Specific) Manipulation Therapy...

Addresses restrictions around Organs and suspending structures.

It also addresses fixations to inner cavity walls which

affect structure & function of Internal & External body parts.



It is important that your Therapist understands the MyoFascial aspects of each technique... and uses them in appropriate and effective ways.  It is also important that stretches, activities and lifestyle recommendations be provided so that you can be supportive of your therapy between treatments.  Your part in supporting the treatment plan strategy is perhaps the most important part in achieving outcomes you desire.

Ida Rolf... Rolfing...

and Structural Integration...


I was certified as a practitioner of Soma NeuroMuscular Integration by Bill Williams.  Prior to him establishing his own institute, Bill Williams had worked with Ida Rolf at the Rolf Institute.  At the time of my training, Bill Williams had taught all the Rolfers in the State of Florida.  Therefore, technically, I can say that I was trained by a Rolfer as a Rolfer... because I was.


Three Institutes evolved as a result of close associations with Ida Rolf... and her not being receptive to their ideas.  As far as I am concerned, at the time their separation from the Rolf Institute, the session plans used by these three men were basically the same as those being taught at the Rolf Institute.  The main difference was in altering treatment techniques so as to reduce what was referred to as "Ida's painful bodywork approach.


The three spin off institutes then promoted themselves as... Postural Integration... HellerWork... and Soma NeuroMuscular Integration.  All three founders had backgrounds in psychology.


Rolfing today most probably is quite different from what Ida would have permitted and taught.  There is more freedom to evolve and create as they see fit.  Over the years, I too have gravitated in similar directions for reasons similar to the three "spin off institutes".  They are not part of the Rolf Institute... but they have all been trained as a Rolfer.

Fascia Is Involved

With Most All Chronic Conditions...


It is believed that the Acupunctural Meridian's "Energy of Life", travels through the Fascial System of our body... from head to toe.  Fascia is also the material from which adhesions and scar tissues are formed.  Scaring and injuries are the major causes of pain and impaired motion... and the loss of energy.  Therefore, most Chronic Conditions are most probably a result of old injury issues involving damaged Fascia.


There are illusive systematic type conditions such as FibroMyalgia, Chronic MyoFascial Pain, and Chronic Fatigue.  And then there are the less illusive and more specific conditions involving Whiplash, Frozen Shoulder, Scoliosis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, TMJ disorders, and so many others.  In each case, appropriate MyoFascial techniques must be part of any treatment plan that hopes to achieve desired results.

Life is motion... and motion is life...

The more motion, fluidity and grace,

the happier and healthier will be you life.

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