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NeuroMuscular  Integration... And


Neuromuscular  Re-Education


Well planned treatment strategies

Instead of Patchwork treatments

Pain Spot ManPeople with chronic pain want a thorough therapeutic approach rather than repetitive Patchwork Treatments.  They really want an effective manual therapy approach that is based on understanding the body's many inter relationships.  They want a strategic treatment plan that makes good sense.


That is what you can expect from Joel Safran, a Certified NeuroMuscular Therapist and former member of the St. John teaching staff.  With over 25 years of proven experience, you can expect more from him.

Conditions Respond Well

To NeuroMuscular Therapy

NMT is a specific approach for the effective treatment of pain & dysfunction.  By dysfunction, we mean...  Reduced 'range of motion'...  Loss of strength, agility & dexterity...  The development of neurological disorders & their sensations...  Impaired physiological functioning of various body systems.


The list below offers just a few of many examples.


Neurological Sensations...

Pinched Nerves  -  Weakness  -  Numbness  -  Tingling

Headache & Migraine  -  TMJ  -  Abdominal Pain


Physical Conditions...

Decrease in : Range of Motion, Agility, Dexterity, Strength

Increase in : Stiffness and postural distortions & imbalances


Visceral & Systemic Relationships...

Digestive problems  -  Bowel problems  -  Hypertension


Mental & Emotional Issues

Memory & Attention  -  Depression  -  Anxiety


Pain... Stiffness... and Dysfunctions in :

Head & Jaw  -  Neck & Shoulder  -  Arm, Elbow, Wrist & Hand

Ribs & Chest  -  Back & Low Back  -  Pelvis & Hips

Legs, Knees, Ankles & Feet

In other words... the whole body.



When you begin working with Joel Safran...

be assured that you have found the therapeutic help you have been searching for.  In working with conditions that are too numerous to list... NeuroMuscular Therapy... along with other appropriate therapies and techniques are employed to achieve the results most possible.  If Chronic Conditions involve Soft tissue (they all do), Joel Safran has the training & experience you are looking for.  If the problem has to do with broken bones or invading harmful microbes, his treatments will have a more secondary benefit... but still quite beneficial.

Muscle - Organ - Dysfunction


Untreated conditions become worse and spread to other body parts.

NeuroMuscular Therapy Examines & Treats

Seven Physiological Factors

That Contribute To Pain & Dysfunction


Restricted blood flow starves tissues of nutrients and oxygen... creating even more restrictions.  That impedes the elimination of cellular waste materials.  This then further creates weakness, pain, dysfunction and hypersensitivity... and "disease".


Trigger Points...

These are areas of heightened neurological activity in muscle tissue.  They often refer and spread pain & dysfunction to other parts of your body.


Nerve Compression...

When two bones pinch a portion of a Nerve, this reduces the ability of a Nerve to properly function.  Weakness, pain and dysfunction of that enervated tissue then results.  Compression of this type is generally due to structural distortions in the body.


Nerve Entrapment...

Here the compression is within or between tight "Soft Tissue" structures.  The Nerve can also be trapped between a bone and tight soft tissues.  This also creates pain and dysfunction... and is generally a result of structural distortions in the body.


Joint Injuries...

When small muscles and ligaments are damaged... such as in "whiplash" and "sudden impact" type accident injuries... the body tends to protect that injured area as best it can by immobilizing the area.  Pain, stiffness and impaired mobility will continue to build... which creates further pain, stiffness and dysfunction in Joints.


Postural & Structural Distortion...

When the body is not anatomically correct, the resultant lack of balance restricts its ability to move and function with grace & flow.  Wasted energy is a form of unneeded Stress in your life.  Resultant weakness and imbalances will then cause your body to become more injury prone.


BioMechanical Dysfunction...

When an unbalanced body moves, it does so with much greater effort... and with less efficiency & precision.  It is more injury prone because of the weakness & imbalance.  In time, other parts will develop weakness & imbalance type of conditions.  The Joints are most affected.  The body will then wear down at an increasing rate... just as any machine will wear down.


Other Factors...

A number of other factors will have an effect in dealing with Chronic Conditions.  Improper nutrition and lack of, or improper stretching & exercises will negatively affect your health.  How well we manage our emotional WellBeing will also have a positive or negative effect on your health and response to therapy.  When appropriate, issues such as these will be discussed with patients.

A Typical NeuroMuscular Therapy Session


During a typical NeuroMuscular Therapy session, we will evaluate distortions in your posture... and treat specific muscle & fascial tissues that are contributing to pain & dysfunction.  We will focus on determining, understanding and treating the root causes of Chronic Conditions.  During the therapy session, communication between you and your therapist will assist in understanding and dealing with neurological pathways and relationships... and normalizing the HyperTonic tissues.  We will be working together to accomplish as much progress as possible.  You will be a very important part of the process.

Stress Pain Cycle

Untreated Pain & Dysfunction Becomes Worse

Reverse The "Endless Cycle" With Treatment


Chronic Conditions will generally spiral... from pain & dysfunction... to more stress & tension... to more muscle tightness... to increased restriction of blood flow... which will result in increased metabolic waste accumulation... which then creates more pain & dysfunction.


Reverse the "Endless Cycle" with proper & complete treatments.


This cycle is reversed by treating the affected areas in a thorough & complete way.  As tissue sensitivity and tone is reduced, your ability to become more productive and enjoy life is more fully increased.  We are treating more than NeuroMuscular structures... we are treating all the related soft tissues involved.  Our body is a highly integrated "Whole".  So, to be effective, we need to be aware of that.  Therapy needs to integrate all the related tissues and parts of your body.  Proper Structural Integration of your body will be our goal.

The Nervous System Has Many Parts


The Nervous System participates in all disease processes that we know of.  By eliminating a Neurological component of a disease process, we can have a profound effect in restoring health.  And we can often have a profound effect on restoring other related tissues and body systems... and on our total WellBeing.


Peripheral Nerves

The Peripheral Nervous System...

These nervous tissues course into the body from the Spinal Cord ( as shown by the yellow lines in this image).  There are "motor" nerves that cause us to move.  there are "sensory" nerves that enable us to feel and monitor body systems.  There are "autonomic" nerves that cause things to happen without our attention... like the chewing of food and breathing.  And then there are other "autonomic" nerves that function in involuntary ways... such as the beating of our heart, the digestion and assimilation of food, or the functioning of organs & glands.


The Central Nervous System...

This consists of the Brain and Spinal Cord.  It also consists of divisions and parts of the the Brain... like the Cranial Nerves and special Glands and much more.  The Central Nervous System further divides into two other categories... the Sympathetic ("fight or flight responses")... and the ParaSympathetic ("rest, repair & regenerate responses) Nervous Systems.


All Divisions and parts are important when they are needed.  It is important that they are balanced, so one does not overpower another part.  The goal of "good therapy" is to assist the body in utilizing that part of the nervous system that is needed in an appropriate and functional way... and toning down that part of the nervous system that is not contributing to the greater benefit of the patient... YOU.  This is the caliber of therapy you can expect from Joel Safran.

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