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Pelvis - Leg

Pelvis & Leg Relationships Including


Those Of The Abdomen & Low Back

Our legs begin in our Low Back & Abdominal area.

And everything in between... above... and below.

One chronic area is directly related to another.


Proper and thorough treatment strategies

are essential for achieving satisfactory results.

Our Legs Begin Deep Within Our Gut...


The anatomy plate above shows the major nerves coming from the Lumbar Spine that service our Hips, Thighs, Legs, Knees, Ankles and Feet.  In that body space, imagine all the Circulatory vessels... the Arteries, Veins and Lymphatic vessels.  Then also imagine all the Organs and their supporting structures that, if not properly functioning, will also cause problems in various ways.


There are often a direct relationships between Pain/Conditions in the Lower Back and the Abdominal areas.  And these relations and conditions often will gravitate so as to affect the Lower Extremities.  For example, the Psoas muscle is deep within our gut... yet it is where our Legs begin.  The Psoas often is involved with Abdominal pain.

Some conditions involving this area include:

Arthritis  --  Bursitis  --  Cold Feet  --  Circulatory Disorders  --  Degenerative Disc Disease  --  Groin Pulls

Low Back Pain/Conditions  --  Pain/Conditions in the Hip, Thigh, Knee, Leg, Ankle, Foot  --

Muscle Cramping & Spasms  --  Nerves Pinched & Entrapped  --  Numbness or Tingling  --

Postural & Structural Disorders  --  Hip Rotator Injuries  --  Sciatica  --  Shin Splints  --  Slipped Disc  --

Sprains & Strains  --  Joint Pain/Stiffness  --  Tendonitis  --  Weakness in Hips, Legs & Feet  --

Loss of Strength, Endurance, Flexibility & Agility  --

Hip Joint

Overlooked Complex MyoFascial

& NeuroVascular Relationships...


The quality of our body's tissues will be a result of many factors which include genetics and lifestyle.  Being a highly integrated unit, dysfunctional tissues of our body contribute to other conditions such as Lower Back pain, Abdominal & Organ conditions, Sciatica, Hip & Knee pain and so on.  These are often complex MyoFascial & Neurological relationships which are often overlooked by other doctors & therapists.


How many Hip replacement procedures might have been prevented thru the normalizing of the related tissues... and thereby reducing the destructive pressure & grinding that destroys the Cartilage lining of the Joint within?  The answer is... 'a great many of them'.


Accidents & Falls contribute to various soft tissue damage... the complexities of which are often not understood or properly treated by other doctors & therapists.  Inadequate warm up, cool down and stretching techniques & related disciplines will add to complexities of any condition.

Knee Jt. Capsule

Injuries & Re-Injuries Build Upon One Another...


Our body tends to not forgive or forget the effects of injuries... and especially our neglect in attending and caring for it.  The body tries to compensate as best it can for the build up of negative effects.  But, eventually, it weakens and loses its ability to "compensate".  We then experience that as reduced strength, flexibility, endurance, dexterity, agility... as well as the various pains & dysfunctions that often accompany conditions.  You can't blame everything on "ageing".


Because of the way we live, work and play... any functional loss regarding our Lower Back, Abdomen and Lower Extremities will greatly affect our potential ability to live as enjoyably and productively as we would like.  The Knee Joint Capsule pictured to the left is a complex Joint which requires proper therapy.  Otherwise it becomes weaker and more injury prone.  Joel Safran's 25 years of proven experience offers you a better opportunity for relief & resolution than you'd most probably find from anyone else.

Our body is complex...

and so too are the many conditions that arise.

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