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Shoulder - Arm

Shoulder - Arm - Neck

& Related Relationships

The Neck, Shoulders, Arms & Hands

are one Neurological unit.


For treatments to be effective,

the whole area must be treated

as an integrated unit.

Body Part Relationships Are Complex...


Chronic Conditions of the Shoulder and those of the Neck are often virtually inseparable.  An endless & varied cycle of conditions gradually develops in the Neck, Shoulders & Upper Thorax (Back & Chest).  To the better therapists & doctors, there usually is a clear and logical reason for this development.  Untreated, it will gradually begin to affect the Upper Extremities... our Arm, Elbow, Forearm, Wrist, Hand & Fingers.  During that development, we often may become irritable...  And perhaps our mind will not function as clearly and quickly as we need it to be.


Complications generally develop in seemingly unclear and complex ways.  That is the reason for choosing a therapist who is experienced in finding and following the many possible paths of a problem's root cause.  The many and complex inter-relationships between muscles, fascia, nerves, circulatory vessels, ligaments and capsular structures often can be intricate as the picture above... and the "condition list" below will suggest.

Some conditions involving this area include:


Arthritis  --  Brachial Plexus Entrapment  --  Bursitis  --  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  --  Chest Pain  --

Chest Tightness  --  Circulatory Disorders  --  Cold Arms & Hands  --  Frozen Shoulder  --  Golf Elbow  --

Hand & Wrist Pain/Conditions  --  Headaches  --  Migraines  --  Muscular Cramping & Spasm  --

Neck Pain/Conditions  --  Nerves Pinched/Entrapped  --  Numbness or Tingling  --  Sleep Apnea  --

Postural/Structural Distortions  --  Repetitive Strain Syndrome  --  Rotator Cuff Injuries  --  Snoring  --

Shoulder & Arm Pain/Conditions  --  Sprains & Strains  --  Stiff Joints  --  Tendonitis  --  Tennis Elbow  --

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome  --  Throat Conditions  -- Weakness in Arms & Hands  -- Dexterity & Agility loss 

As well as related Visceral Conditions

Conditions Arise Gradually Or Traumatically...


Over, improper or repetitive use... resulting from occupational or recreational activities causes conditions to develop and worsen.  However, one must realize that for that to have happened, there probably was weaknesses & imbalances in your body prior to "The Named Condition".  Sudden physical traumas from from Motor Vehicle Accidents, as well as Sports & Recreational Falls & Accidents, will physically injure and/or tear soft tissues.  The force of a heavy object falling on you will also produce similar soft tissue injuries.


After completion of the body's acute healing process, your tissues need to be properly treated so that they may regain their former strength and health... and beyond that.  From what I have seen, people who have been treated for past injuries, for the most part, have not received treatment at a proper and/or complete level of care.  Therefore, their body continues to be weakened, unbalanced and injury prone.

Inner Upper Thorax

The Body As An Integrated Whole...

Both Inside & Outside...


Our Upper Extremities provide us with the ability of finite accuracy, dexterity and skill which is absolutely required for the way we live, work and play.  The loss of these abilities greatly affects the enjoyment, skill and productivity of our lives.  Regarding Anatomy & Physiology... the Neck, Shoulder & Arms form a highly integrated unit... which in most instances will be governed by the level of quality of Neck tissues.  Impingement of Nerves & Circulatory Vessels resulting from MyoFascial restrictions, cause conditions such as Frozen Shoulder, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome... and numerous others.


And in addition to that, conditions involving the Shoulder area can also be affected by tissues & structures inside our RibCage... such as with restrictions involving our Lungs, Liver & Stomach and more.  Likewise, HyperTonic external tissues can also contribute to internal conditions... such as a patient who suffered a Heart Attack two years after her Automobile Accident.  She was not properly treated by her doctor & therapist after her accident injury... even though she thought she had received this level of care.


Heightened neurological activity and restricted motion in these areas need to be evaluated and properly treated.  Our body is an integrated whole... inside and outside.  Joel Safran is experienced and trained to provide you with the the treatment you need.

Proper & thorough treatment

is essential for achieving desired results

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