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Over 25 Years of

Uncommonly Excellent Therapy

What Patients have said about treatments

"You have done more for me...

than any doctor or therapist of any kind"



"My Shoulder is so much better

What you did was absolutely brilliant!!"



At some point during the first or second session, patients usually tell me that the have never experienced soft tissue treatments like this.  They then say variations of...



"This is what my body needs...

This is what I have been looking for."



"This is the most effective Physical Therapy I have ever experienced...

I have been searching for someone like you for years."



"I've told many doctors and therapists the same things I have told you...

You have been the only one who has really listened and understood...

and has offered good ideas for handling my concerns."



During the past 25 years, similar expressions of appreciation has come from many people and regarding a wide range of chronic conditions and health conditions... like those listed below.



Multiple Sclerosis

Reproductory Problems

Internal Organ Dysfunction

Stroke Effects

Digestion, Bowel & Abdominal Problems



"No matter what doctor I saw... Nothing seemed to work.

What you said and did made a lot of sense to me... and it worked."




Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Job & Work Related Injuries

Pre & Post Operative Conditioning



"Its well worth the extra time it takes

to drive to your Clinic."




Speech / Voice Clarity, Enunciation & Improvement

Throat Tightness

Sleep Apnea & Snoring



"My (wife / husband) says I don't snore as much any more."



People told me I should stop smoking because I was always clearing my Throat...

And I didn't even smoke.  I haven't felt this good in years."




Headaches & Migraines

Memory Improvement

Mental Clarity & Sharpness Improvement

Sinus Blockage & Pressure



"No one has been able to make me feel this good...

You seem to know how to get to the root of the problem."




Whiplash & Neck Injuries



"No one has been as thorough as you."




TMJ & Jaw Disorders



I now understand how the clicking and the Jaw Pain problems

are related to other areas and problems in my body.




Effects of Abuse (Child / Adult / Mental / Physical)

Depression, Anxiety, Emotional & Psychological issues



"With your help, I have been able to process the pain out of my body."


"I have noticed that I am opening up more...

and getting more out of my counseling sessions."


"I feel so much more at peace and in control now."




Carpal Tunnel & Repetitive Strain Syndrome

Frozen (stiff & painful) Shoulder

Shoulder / Arm Weakness, Stiffness & Pain.



"You were able to reduce the build up of scar tissue

from old injuries... and enable function to return...

I can play Squash again."



"Your treatments worked when others did not.

I had wrist surgery, but the benefit was only temporary.

Because of your treatments...

I am back to practicing (piano) 2-3 hours each day."




Hip / Leg Weakness, Stiffness & Pain

Low Back Pain & "Sciatica"



"I have had three Back surgeries...

and all the physical therapy the doctor recommended...

and the pain was still with me.

Your treatments not only made a lot of good sense...

they also made me feel better."

Athletic Sports - Performance & Ability Enhancement

increased Flexibility, Strength, Endurance, Accuracy & precision for...


Marathon & Track



Racquet Sports

Field & Arena Sports

Martial Arts

...and others...

"My (marathon) time was the best it has ever been."



"My body & Swing now feels more balanced.

There is more control over where I want the ball to go.

I am playing (golf) more like I used to play."



"My (martial arts) moves were quicker and more accurate...

My team members asked me what I was doing differently...

and I said I was had started to work with Mr. Safran."

Performing Artists...

dancers, vocalists, musicians, actors, Presenters...


During the 15 years I enjoyed living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada... I had the opportunity to be the Therapist for "Riverdance - The Show" for their two week Toronto engagement.  The cast very quickly grew to appreciate what I was doing for them as highly unique and very special.  They sent me a letter of appreciation that in all their years of travelling... they gave to no other doctor or therapist of any kind.


click on  "RIVERDANCE  EXPERIENCE"  to read this very interesting story.



"They (the cast) are talking about you...

and they say you are absolutely fabulous!!!"



"My Shoulder is so much better...

What you did was absolutely brilliant!!!"

...and from Healthcare Professionals


"No other therapist has ever worked on my problem

as thoroughly as you have...

This is the best work I have ever experienced!"




"You have been doing a good job

in getting my patients well."

(M.D., Neurologist)



"Exceptional work...

I have never experienced a therapy session

as thorough or as effective."



Tired of wasting time & money

on ineffective - incomplete treatments


Call (704) 246-7888 for your appointment


You would be hard pressed

to find anyone within 500 or more miles

who could do more for you

and other responsible & supportive people

"You have such good hands...

How can I get you to move to New York."


A true & typical story... This happened while my practice was in St. Petersburg Florida.

The lady coming in today said she just wanted a massage.  But I asked her to fill out the comprehensive "Client History Form" anyway because people often have difficulty in describing what is not right with themselves...  And then there are those who become so accustomed to their problems and dysfunctions, that they are not even aware that they are being limited by them.  However, when their awareness is awakened to these conditions... and also to the prospect that they may be able to get past these 'accepted limitations'... quite often they are quite receptive and absolutely thrilled.


Such was the case with Linda from New York...  She is a 42 year old mother of one... employed as a chemist... and lives an active energetic life.  Back home, receiving regular massage therapy is part of her life.  her main concern was her "Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back"...  We talked about the circumstances that might be contributing to her areas of concern... and then examined them.  In Linda's case, her issues seemed to be related to a Cervical Spine Injury that happened some years ago.


The tissues surrounding the area of her major concerns were thoroughly evaluated and treated...  And then we continued on to the area of the suspected injury... her Anterior Cervical Spine.


"This isn't massage Therapy" she said

"This is so much better than massage."

"I have never felt work this good before."

During the session, she recalled important information and events that helped up better understand the injury and conditions... such as something that happened during the birth of her son... and also a skiing accident that occurred years ago.  Good therapy requires good communication in terms of what a client is experiencing during the therapy session... such as levels of discomfort, patterns of referred sensations, recalled events and feelings... and any feedback that will enable the therapy session to become more thorough and effective.


"It hurts... but it is a good hurt"...

"Like something my body needs"...

"It really feels good"...


I can feel a surge of warmth and energy

going into my Neck, Head and Arms."


"You have such good hands."

"People with hands like that are gifted"...


This is the type of work I need, and I need more of it."

How can I get you to move to New York?"


Quite often when people experience something that they greatly appreciate, they want to share it with others they know.  At the end of the session, Linda wanted to talk about a concern that her husband was trying to deal with.  "How do you treat a person who is easily fatigued?"...  Apparently he is a jogger who suffers from Shin Splints and Heel Spurs...  I suggested some possibilities that might contribute to what she was describing.


But a therapist really cannot tell what is going on until he begins to evaluate the quality and the responsiveness of the soft tissues involved.  People are different.  Their life circumstances and tissue qualities are different.  And they even describe similar situations differently...  Also, people are different in terms of what they will tolerate and permit at a particular time.  Therefore, a therapist needs to be sensitive to all these characteristics so as to help people get the most out of their therapy session.  The point being... a good therapist needs to employ a variety of skills and techniques in order to be effective.

"I always felt that a therapist with multiple modalities is much more preferable...

but, there seems to be so few like that around."

Linda was absolutely thrilled with what we had accomplished.  I saw her a few times while she was visiting in St. Pete.  She felt that what she had experienced was an absolute bargain in terms of her time and money.

"People's conception of massage therapy

gets in the way of judging what you are capable of doing."


"What you do really is not massage"...

"It is the most effective Physical Therapy I have ever experienced."

I have treated many visitors like Linda.  They find me mostly just by chance.  And the point they seem to make each time is that people are not receiving the level of Physical Medicine that they want and very much need.  These people come from large metro areas in Canada, United States, England, Australia and so on...  Even in our own local area, people are looking for what I am able to provide... and have been having difficulty in finding this level of care.  I know this to be true only because of the many times patients have said this to me.


If you are concerned with pain, dysfunction or some chronic problem... make an appointment with Joel Safran.  If you know of a patient, friend or family member who might benefit from another healthcare perspective... please refer this person to Joel Safran.  You will be doing something good for them... for this very special Therapy Practice... and you will probably feel good about it as well.

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