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Abdominal Organs

Visceral Manipulation... 

An  Organ  Specific  Therapy  Approach

...the inner parts of your body

also must move & function well...

"Expect" a "Wholistic" approach

and "Results"

Colon on Left Kidney

Health and life depend on full and proper movement.  The better a body is able to move... the greater will be the quality of your health and life.  People are generally aware of their voluntary movements such as walking, stretching and exercise... But, there are many other involuntary movements that our lives absolutely depend upon... such as the proper functioning of the Organs and related tissues within our body.  We cannot live without these background controls and roles.  Their proper functioning is vital to our lives.


Depending on where they are in our body, the functions of the deeper and shorter muscles are to make fine subtle adjustments in order to promote dexterity and balance.  Some operate by unconscious body decisions.  While others are activated by our very focused conscious choices.  Mechanically, their outward influence reflects to the outer layers of the larger, longer and more powerful muscles which created the movements that are most familiar to people.    HOWEVER...

...deep inside

are the most important parts

of who you really are...


The deepest layers of our tissues are in the Viscera... the Organ Specific structures upon which our lives absolutely depend.  Within the various cavities or our body... Cranial... Thoracic... Abdominal... Pelvic... are structures that keep us healthy when they are properly moving and functioning.  And when they are not properly moving and functioning... that can make us weak, sick or cause us to lose our lives.

Central Gut 

Within our "gut" are complex interrelationships of tubes, hollow structures and glandular type tissues that need to glide and slide upon one another in an effortless and essential way.  When that motion is impeded, our body does not function as well as it should... and most often the resultant "condition" is misdiagnosed and improperly treated.  Most often these "conditions" are related to restrictions within a body System or Cavity... and more specifically, they refer to certain Organs or supporting structures within our "gut".  Most often, it is a physical and mechanical issue... and not the labeled "disease" that often frightens people.

...Organ Specific Therapy

addresses the effects of physical restrictions

and restores proper motion and functions... 

THEREFORE... It is the intent of Organ Specific Therapy to address physical issues within bodies... and then to restore the proper internal movements and positions of these vital tissues.  It is also important, as much as possible, to address their interrelationships with other tissues... both internal and external.  A "Wholistic" approach requires that treatment strategies be as thorough and complete as possible.  Therapeutic tools used for this therapy are highly trained and sensitive hands.  this is a well respected and effective Osteopathic approach.

Physiologically, this makes a lot of "good sense". 

...become more aware of the "you"

deep in your body...

For example... here are a few issues arising from the Abdominal Cavity

that can be addressed with Organ Specific Therapy


Digestive Issues related to restrictions within the system


Hiatal Hernia issues related to restrictions affecting the Stomach


Knee pain due to Internal Ligaments impinging the Obturator Nerve


Back Pain due to Organs stuck to the inner wall of the RibCage


Circulation & Breathing issues


Depression & Anxiety & Fatigue


...and many other health issues...




Also consider the number of essential fluids, acids, hormones and Neuro-Chemicals produced by the Viscera.  Production that is either too little or too great will have a detrimental effect on other related Visceral tissues in numerous physiological and emotional ways.


Look at the numbers of Body Systems and Organs listed at the bottom of this page.  Imagine the numerous other conditions that would involve pain and dysfunction arising from Visceral restrictions within the Cranial, Thoracic, Abdominal and Pelvic Cavities of our body.  Imagine the number of conditions that could arise from the improper functioning of just your Bladder, Kidneys, Colon, GallBladder, Liver, Lungs and Heart.  There would be many...and they would be complex... and they would be inter-related.

Your Body Knows...

You need to know as well...


Lungs -1



Are your vital Organs freely moving and properly functioning?  Your body knows...You need to know as well.  Most often resultant health issues are related to physical restrictions that could be addressed with proper physical techniques... from the highly sensitive and trained hands... of an experienced and intuitive Therapist.

Visceral Manipulation Therapy is only one

of the Osteopathic Techniques utilized in this practice.

 Body Systems :

Bones  -  Joints  -  Large Muscles  -  Small Muscles  -  Fascial  -  Central Nerves  -  Peripheral Nerves  -  Cranial  -  Endocrine  -   CardioVascular  -  Integumentary  -  Lymphatic  -  Respiratory  -  Digestive  -  Urinary  -  Reproductive

Organs & Glands :

Brain  -  HypoThalamus  -  Pineal  -  Thymus  -  Lungs  -  Heart  -  Liver  -  GallBladder  -  Pancreas  -  Spleen  -  Kidneys  -    Adrenals  -  Stomach  -  Duodenum  -  Jejunum  -  Ileum  -  Cecum  -  A&T&D Colons  -  Sigmoid  -  Rectum  -  Bladder  - Prostate  -  Testes  -  Uterus  -  Ovaries



The body is very complex... and needs to be evaluated and treated

as a highly integrated "Whole"... which of course it is.


The "HealthCare Professional" you choose

needs to be a special kind of Therapist who is trained to

look for and follow relationships among your body's many parts.


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