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Deep Neck

Whiplash And Other...

 Neck Injuries


(HyperExtension and/or HyperFlexion)

and other Neck Injuries

often contribute to varied conditions

in other parts of your body.


Therapy focused on effective results

is what you can expect from Joel Safran

Neck injuries can result from a number of circumstances such as those listed below.  All these and more represent conditions which have been successfully treated by this Therapy Practice.  The picture above demonstrates the number of delicate inner muscles of the Neck that are most always not treated by other doctors & therapists.  This neglected area is where tissue injury is the greatest.  The picture below demonstrates the violent motion of a whiplash.  It tears not only MyoFascial tissues... but also Ligaments, Nerves and Blood Vessels.  Sometimes Vertebral Bones are cracked or broken.  Proper treatment must thoroughly include the whole Neck... all around as well as internal structures.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

(injuries will vary depending on direction of the impact)


Horseback Riding Accidents Injuries

(Cervical HyperFlexion & HyperExtension injuries)


Diving into Shallow Water

Heavy Objects falling onto one's Head

Being kicked in the Head by a Horse

Snow Skiing Falls & Accidents

Falls & Accidents involving Sports & Activities

Being Choked by another person

Injuries from Violence, Attacks, Fights...

...and other such injuries & conditions...


Some conditions involving this area include:


Neck pain & stiffness  --  HyperExtension injury  --  HyperFlexion injury  -- Postural/Structural Distortions -

Torticollis  --  Degenerative Disc Disease  --  Stomach/Intestinal & Digestive conditions  --  Tenseness -

Irritability  --  Headaches  --  Concentration Loss  --  Arm/Shoulder Pain & Conditions  --

Frozen Shoulder  -- Thoracic Outlet Syndrome  --  Head, Jaw & TMJ Disorders  --

The Neck As A Conduit For

What's Healthy... And What's Hurtful


The 'Neck Area' represents a major channel for nerve impulses and blood flow... to and from the Brain... to and from the Shoulders & Arms... and to and from the Trunk of the body and all its Organs & Glands.  One of my patients said that she could now understand how a Whiplash Injury to her Neck caused her to have a Heart Attack two years later.  There are a number of similar relationships that most often are overlooked by other doctors & therapists.


Chronic conditions involving the Neck will therefore greatly contribute to a variety of understandable functional concerns... understandable at least to me.  Restricted blood in your Head will create internal pressures that will cause a variety of neurological conditions.  Headache issues are usually varied and complicated... while "Aura type" issues are even more complex.  And all such issues will be treated more thoroughly by this Therapy Practice.

Our body systems are highly integrated...

Proper treatment must be integrated as well.

Restricted nerve impulse & blood flow relates to a number of mental and emotional concerns such as depression, anxiety, learning disorders and attention disorders.  Restrictions will also affect the proper functioning of Organs... resulting in Heart & Lung conditions, Digestive Disorders... and more.


Chronic conditions of the Neck also relate to conditions & problems of the Shoulders, Arms & Hands.  Proper treatment of the Neck is very important for the proper treatment of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Frozen Shoulder, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, TMJ disorders, Headaches... and so much more.


But, most important, is that proper treatment of the Neck will enable you to feel... and be... more relaxed, alert, mentally sharp and with the feeling of being 'in control' of your life... and of your desired level of WellBeing.

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